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Buzzcut 2 (26 min)

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I shot this video a couple months ago, this was actually the first video I shot with Jack, right after he got out of the brig. Jack and I took a trip back up to the old homestead, where Zack had been living for a minute while he was, er, fixing up the place. You'll see what's up with that in a little bit, but that is why everything is in disarray. Jack had let his hair go while he was behind bars as an act of defiance, but when he got out he decided he needed to get all clean-cut if he was going to look for a job. He hated to do it though. I felt bad for him, but the truth is he looked a lot better when it was all gone. The honors were done by Zack, who did a pretty passable job, and who is always good for wisecracks.
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