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Hairy Butt (19 min)

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I met Jake when he was a marine just weeks away from getting out of the marines corps. He was the buddy of a buddy, but we became the better friends when he realized that he could be naked at my place all he wanted. The very first night he was at my place we ended up in a game of naked pong, unfortunately I can't show that one because there's too many marines that didn't want their faces shown, which I have to respect. It was a good night though.

After that I realized that Jake was a true nudist. He is absolutely comfortable...maybe more comfortable, with his cock out. He wishes he could be naked all the time, and didn't mind the camera either, but unfortunately since I met him at the end of his tour I wasn't able to get a whole lot of video of this adorable guy. He got the nickname 'Hairy Butt' the first night I met him and we were playing some naked b33r pong (I'm telling you that happens all the time at my place...marines love to play them some naked b33r pong). I was describing the night to a buddy of mine from LA, and it stuck. So to this day if you say 'Jake' I'll ask 'Who?" you have to say 'Hairy Butt' for me to know who you're talking about.

OK he's not built like a rock, but there's something about his natural, easy-going personality that makes Jake a winner. Maybe it's just cuz I enjoyed being naked with him so much. I may try to go through some of those tapes which I couldn't otherwise show you and pick out some of the best bits. He was just a lot of fun, and now that he's out and gone back home I'm going to miss our naked pong games. After he got out he stayed at my place for a few days before moving on back home to his civilian life, and I took advantage of the situation as best I could.

In this video he was taking a bath (who even does that any more?) before going out, and his girlfriend who was also there waiting alerted me that the bathroom door was open, so I grabbed my camera and surprised him. He kept trying to convince me to go out too, which I knew was a terrible idea because I myself had movers on the way the next day. But if you can say no to this character I'd like to see you try. What happens after we get back from the bars you'll see soon enough.

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