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This was actually the first video I shot with Nick and Brennan, but because I was so eager to show you the wrestling videos it got out of order. Nick and Brennan stopped by after duty because neither of them wanted to go home just yet because they were both have trouble getting their women to understand that sometimes a guy just needs to jerk off to some porn. Girls just don't get that for some reason—but I sure do.

Nick actually started this video off by picking up my camera, which I was slacking on. As you can tell by now Nick loves the camera—he just likes the attention, I think—but once it was one I wasn't about to turn it off because you can vcut the horniness in the air with a knife. Both Nick and Brennan have been weightlifting a lot recently and I think it's jacked their testosterone levels because it's not but a few minutes of looking at a porn mag that Brennan is rock hard.

Nick suggests that Brennan should try Nick's favorite toy, the fleshjack, and Brennan agrees that it's pretty awesome. However in the end it just makes him want to fuck the fake pussy, which Nick didn't even realize he wanted to fuck until Brennan said so. Nick has to hold back and watch as Brennan smoothly pumps the plastic ass like a Cassanova, and then sprays cum in front of a mirror before getting in the shower, where ever the good bro, Nick is waiting with a cold one.

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