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Randys Naked Driving Day (30 min)

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So Randy and I had reason to head down the hill to grab a part for his vehicle, and he was feeling particularly horny...and we had been talking about how much fun it was to go naked driving, and I had a pretty good idea that I'd be able to talk him into it. As it turns out, I didn't have to talk him into anything, not even jerking off while we were riding down the highway. He was charged up and ready to go, and so was my new GoPro which I told him I wanted to test out. Off we went, with his dog Roxy with us the whole time in the back seat.

It was a hot day, with the sun beating down, so Randy decided to start off as close to naked as he could get and still be legal to walk around outside—in his Silkies. We stopped at a car wash first and he gave his car a rinse...all of it live on my private snaps.

On the way down, Randy smoked a cigarette, and started playing with himself, leading me to remind him that he said he wanted to get naked. Sure nuff soon as we were out of town, the Silkies came off. He put his shoes back on though, so he's 'nekkid', not 'naked'.

Drivin along passing people, he worried for a minute that people were going to get a view. As hot as that would be, people really can't see in that low, even in a tall SUV. Little did those people know that when they looked over and saw a dude taping his shirtless buddy, his buddy wasn't just shirtless. Trucks might be able to see in, but they've seen so much worse, no trucker is gonna give two fucks about what we're doing.

I was just happy I got his Silkies off, but the excitement of it all got to him and he said he wanted to jerk off too but he hasn't fapped in a week so it gonna be a "fat fuckin' load". Not a problem, brother. Such a huge load that he's a little concerned the shirt he was wearing which he plans to use as a cum towel won't be able to soak it all up. I convinced him that no one cared. Randy Jokes that he has to pick his dad up the next day and his dad is gonna complain about the sex smell. I said we got Febreeze so no worries.

Then we get on the highway, and the sexual tension of being fee on the road nd not having jerked it in so long becomes too much to bear. With cars passing by in the very next lane, his cock instantly comes to attention. You can see how much he's enjoying this new experience, as he mouths "This is so hot" as we drive down the road.

In far too short a time (can you blame him, the situation is so hot it's overwhelming) his pace quickens and he bust a HUGE load, one of the biggest ever on MSB. I think only Mark has ever spurted out more hot cum than Randy.

He wasn't wrong either, thick ropey puddles of it are everywhere. He says "I think I got my ear!" and "That was the best orgasm ever." And you get to watch.

His girlfriend called right afterwards, too, lol.

Unfortunately, as much fun as we were having, we had a schedule to keep, so Randy pulled over and put his Silkies back on so we could head to our buddy's place and get his oil changed. That video is coming soon!

Best line of the whole trip: "Oh yeah, it definitely smells like jizz in my car."

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