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My buddy Matt likes to come over to my house just to get off base. He's also a very funny guy who's always entertaining, so I often end up taping our exploits. He hates clothes as much as I do.

I have him naked on tape in many more cases than I can show, because he usually likes to drop trou, and there's generally a bunch of people around who are not as cool as he is about ending up on the internet. This time he was over at my place all by himself. The shindig was the night before, and he ended up being the last one left the next day, which was fine by me, he's one of my best bros and with any luck he may end up living here for awhile after my current roommate deploys to Afghanistan. Once again I was taping him, because he was cracking me up and we were having a great time sitting around my kitchen table bullshitting about this that and the other.

He decides that he's hungry and heads for my ramen noodles. Now what you have to understand about my house is I have this horrible heater that has basically two settings: Freeze (off) or Fry. So despite being January, my place was stifling hot. With a little encouragement from me (not that much was needed), I convinced him it was too hot to be wearing clothes in my house and he totally agreed. He started with his shirt, then his shoes, then his jeans, each time finding out that he wasn't quite naked enough. Pretty soon his dick was swinging free. And what a dick it is, folks, the guy is huge (I've seen him fuck girls too so I know he knows how to use it as well). He also has an unbelievable ass, although you can't convince him of this to save your life.

Then he and I bullshitted with each other for a bit, him sitting there with his gorgeous body and huge cock, while he slurped his ramen down and I kept the camera on him so you could enjoy the same view I was getting. The video is in black and white because once again this is an opportunity that just happened...I didn't have any lights set up or anything like that, I just had the NiteVision switch on my Handycam. Enjoy!

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